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The game

Act-it-Out is played as a board game. The players use dice and coloured counters to move across a board of coloured squares. There are two types of cards used in this game: instruction cards and cards containing tips.

Each instruction card contains six tasks and each task aims to practise a social skill. Each task is written in a different colour and each colour corresponds with the coloured squares on the board. When a player throws the dice and lands on a coloured square, he takes an instruction card. The task that corresponds with the colour is the task that the player must practise in a role-play. The person who selects the instruction card plays the ‘active role’. The trainer then selects others to play supporting roles. The tasks always outline a social situation; the details of the situation can be improvised and there is plenty of room for this. The trainer may instruct the players on these details, if necessary.

Main points
Each player is given a card containing points that need to be considered for each skill. These points that need to be considered are tips that can help the players to practise and learn the skill correctly.

If the players follow the tips, they will learn how to act more or less properly in most situations. After the role-play has been done, the trainer and the other players briefly comment on it (for example, which tips were used? And some extra tips).

The Role of the Trainer

  • The trainer (preferably) does not participate in the game himself.
  • He can take part in the role-playing in order to demonstrate the correct application of the tips and instructions (modeling).
  • The trainer makes sure that the group takes the role-playing seriously.
  • He ensures that the game is played correctly and that it does not take too long.
  • The trainer selects the opponents for the role-play. He then gives the players instructions concerning the details of their roles and how they should apply the tips.
  • He provides (positive) feedback on the way in which the instructions are carried out and also on the tips, if they are used. He also asks the other players and observers to do the same.

Game kit
Any game that is to be used intensively must be durable. Therefore, we have opted for the use of high-grade materials.

  • The board game has been produced using new technology: it has been printed directly onto a panel of birch wood multiplex. This has been finished off with two layers of protective natural varnish, resulting in a durable and sturdy board.
  • The game components and the cards come in a sturdy plastic box with a hinged lid.
  • All the cards are laminated with transparent plastic.
  • All the boardgame parts of Act-it-out are also sold separately.